All Ticket Purchasers

  • Must be within Alberta at the time of ticket purchase. The ticket can be mailed to any address (even out of Alberta)
  • Ticket purchasers must be 18 years of age or older
  • Tickets must be paid in full to be eligible
  • Tickets may be purchased through the following channels:
    • Staff Payroll Deduction Form (applicable to AHS employees) - can be found at all participating Foundation offices
    • Online at WinWin50.ca/tickets.php
    • In person at Stride Management Corp - 3950 12 Street NE Calgary, Alberta
  • You are NOT eligible to participate in the WinWin50 if you are an Executive member of the Calgary Health Trust or Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees & Governors; the Lottery Manager; employees of Calgary Health Trust, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, Stride Management Corp and immediate family members of the above.


  • To participate in the staff payroll deduction program you must be a Permanent Status employee of Alberta Health Services, this includes; full time, part time, contract, casual, relief staff, medical staff, residents and interns.
  • Must have a valid AHS employee number.
  • By opting in to the payroll deduction program, you agree to have the amounts designated in the ticket package selection deducted from each pay cheque until such time that you are no longer eligible or have officially opted out of the payroll deduction program.